Pam lost 2 stone, 2lbs (13.5kg) and found more confidence in her artwork.

In ten months I have lost 2 stone 2lbs (13.5kg). The medics have been telling me for years to lose weight. They gave me calorie counting to follow but that is not sustainable for me. I now understand why through the tools that Keri has given me.

Working on my mind and emotions and recognising I was eating for comfort and to calm the gremlins, I now work on my worries and concerns and my eating has settled to a healthy norm. I don’t feel hungry, no need to snack and I follow a very healthy diet, even resurrecting my interest in cooking.

As I have gained confidence in myself I have been able to motivate myself and I’m so much stronger simply by doing 20mins of yoga daily, which has become easier as I have lost weight and become more flexible, a win win situation.

My sleep apnoea meant that I had lost muscle tone – I am building it up again. This helps support my back and my knees – much less arthritis pains.

After doing the work with Keri I feel much more confident about myself and being able to move forward with my life. Tackling the challenges I set myself by understanding who I am and what motivates me. My art just needs to be expressed and now I can unravel my emotions, the energy they were taking is now freed up for my art.

I also aim to no longer need to wear a mask at night for sleep apnoea as my breathing will have improved with weight loss, yoga and breathing exercises. The future looks rosy as I am forging on with my art.


Artist, UK, 2021

Donna changed the way she sees herself

The coaching has literally enabled me to change how I see myself. I truly never thought this would be possible. I am able to look at myself and see myself without the usual torrid of verbal abuse I have given myself for years.

I truly believed everything I thought about myself was a fact and was true and considered these all in a way which was detrimental in my relationship with myself and others. Now, with your coaching, I am able to understand the root cause of the beliefs that have made me do that…I can manage my mind so much better about this. Day to day I am kinder to myself, my relationship with myself and my boyfriend is better and it has literally changed my life.

I loved the tapping (EFT) for processing emotions. This is singularly the most transformative coaching I have had, and you patience and support in getting the right coaching and EFT script for me was truly ourstanding. Not thinking so much about my body image has allowed me time, space and energy to focus on what I do have and appreciate what I have..again this has really helped me to grow. I am more present and see myself and my body differently than I have ever done before.

I am more present in my relationships with others. I am more present at work on zoom calls, less harsh on myself, more compassionate…and to be honest don’t spend anywhere, if any time or energy thinking about what I look like on calls…as by appreciating myself more I get ready in the morning to be at my best.

You are kind, patient, non judgemental and an amazing coach, I felt safe and understood.   Working with you has fundamentally changed how I think about myself, and you can gave me future proof tools to take that work forward for myself. I can’t thank you enough.


UK, 2020

You have such a kind approach and made me feel so comfortable. It was a very interesting experience: My issues with seem to not be physical but mainly psychological (surprise, surprise!). You have asked me the right questions with love and care and no judgement. I am now aware of the root of my blockages and you have taught me to change my mindset and challenge my “shitty committee” whenever guilt and fear was coming up. You have also given me the tools, such as journaling, positive mindset and visualisation which I continue to use daily. I also enjoyed the fact that you incorporated different techniques such as EFT. I would definitely recommend you. You have an array of skills which are extremely beneficial and serve your coaching perfectly. I am a Holistic massage therapist (and pregnancy massage therapist) and would happily refer you to my patients. 


Massage therapist, London

Book your free mini session

Before we work together, I offer a FREE consultation. This is simply a 30-45 minute conversation to talk about what’s possible for your life, what’s holding you back, and how I might be able to help you achieve the results you desire most.

It’s free because I want to give you the opportunity to experience what it would be like to work with me as your coach and determine whether we’re a good fit for each other.

didn’t know really know what to expect so the first session before we agreed to work together was very helpful. My biggest hesitation was that you would be like a dietitian that would ask me to write down everything I eat, and then ask me to send these to you and you would comment on them and judge them. I didn’t like that in the past.I’ve reached my target weight but more importantly I now manage my mindI would recommend you to anyone who is really struggling with weight on and off, especially if they’re into self-development. This process isn’t a diet, you are not promising x y z kg weight loss every week. It is really an introduction to control your thoughts and beliefs about what you feed yourself with and discovering why you are struggling with your weight. Thank you so much again for everything. You have a great website and the trainings were amazing. I got so much more than I expected when I actually decided to sign up!


UK, 2020

If someone was thinking about working with a coach, I’d tell them that everyone needs a coach! So many times I’d think I wanted to talk about my off-plan eat or how I overate, but it really was just a symptom of what was going on in my mind. Getting those thoughts and looking at them objectively is so helpful and allows me to remove some of the judgement and beat-down. Thank you so much! 


USA, 2021

Learning how to feel my feelings instead of eating them, and using tapping have been so helpful in all areas of my life. I loved being in the group and seeing that I’m not the only one struggling. Witnessing other people’s absolute honesty and realising that the group was a safe space to share has been amazing. You’re very good at remembering what they said, and getting to the root cause, all while listening to us talk. You make it seem very doable, yet you don’t hesitate to show how we’re getting in our own way. Being able to observe you as a coach, and watching how you are so perceptive has been amazing. I’d find myself thinking, “why did she decide to ask that question?” or “How did she realize that was the real problem?”. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend coaching with you. You are approachable, honest, you hold space – no judgment. You really know your stuff. You have a lot of information on nutrition, so questions are met with answers. There’s no one way or one eating plan. You can work any plan into this program. You coach on all topics, because we know overeating is caused by all the other stuff going on in our life. You way over deliver – the podcast, group classes, private session; and then you do extra things like the follow-up emails that I look at over and over, and occasional extras, like the tapping session for the sweets. The tapping is such a bonus. It’s all very organised. The videos each week and the worksheets were very, very helpful. Being able to work on it ahead of the class got my mind in gear, so I was more prepared for the group meeting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your coaching.

USA, 2020

Hilary lost 8kg (18lbs)

From 11 stone 5 lbs to 10 stone 1lbs (72kg down to to 64kg)

“I’ve got to my goal and stayed there – it’s amazing! I’ve been on so many diets and I’ve never even reached my goal, let alone maintained it.

The thought work has made all of the difference – it’s not really about the food at all. It’s about why you’re eating the food, not what you are eating. It’s actually a side issue and in the past I’ve only concentrated on what I’m eating – not why.

This is the first time in a very long time I’m not thinking “I need to lose weight” – it’s odd to think I don’t need to think this anymore. It’s going to make me more sociable now – I’ve thought so many times in the past “I can’t go out, I’m too fat and have nothing to wear”. My old jeans are now falling off me.

I’ve really learned through all of this, ironically, that it’s not about the weight at all. It’s taken me losing the weight to realise that I was over eating because I was thinking badly about myself and blaming the weight. Now I understand this I don’t even need to over eat anymore! Amazing.

It’s great to know that I can return to you if I need it in the future but I feel really confident in maintaining my weight so I don’t think I will need that.

Before I joined Ditch the Diet I was watching my weight increase without any effort.
I couldn’t understand what was going wrong. I put it down to health problems and
reconciled myself to the fact that this is how it was going to be – I couldn’t lose
weight any more.

I felt demoralised, unable to walk into a shop and find a dress I liked in my size. There were only ‘frumpy’ dark clothes to hide behind. I wanted good colour and interesting designs to express my character and make me look slim. I stopped shopping, stopped looking and withdrew!

I heard about Keri’s work and thought I would give it one last chance. I was happy to work at the training but sceptical and really didn’t expect to lose anything at all. However, with renewed vigour and interest, stimulated by Keri’s excellent coaching, I began using the tools I was being taught, thrilled to discover I was actually losing weight.

A steady couple of pounds a week began dropping off – I was happy with that, this was to be my new way of life. New clothes I bought at the start of the coaching are now too lose to wear. Along with improved confidence in every area of my life; I have a better understanding of what food works for me and which long-established habits aren’t serving me any more along with emotions that were keeping me stuck.

Now I am losing weight, eating healthily without feeling hungry between meals and
working on clearing stuck points. I’m also enjoying yoga and meditation and long country
walks. I am feeling myself again. If you are looking for ways to change your weight and your life take a look at this protocol and dive in. You won’t regret it!


Fran lost 25kg

From 13 stone 10 lbs to 9 stone 9lbs (85.5kg down to to 61kg)

Before working with Keri I was a super yo-yo dieter. I was really good at willpower dieting and losing weight, until I tripped up and then would think “there’s no point now, I’ve ruined it”.

I’d then regain weight and over the years I’ve wavered between 16 stone (101kg) and 10 stone (63 kg). As of today, I’m 9 stone 9 lbs (61kg)!

My new body – wow! I used to be so achey and stiff. I couldn’t touch my feet without shoving my belly out to the side. No so any more. I’m sharing clothes with my slim teenage daughters. Size 8 clothes fit me and I find my physical activity so much easier with less of me to carry around.

I can run faster and I don’t get puffed out dancing. I’m lighter and more energetic and flexible. I enjoy food, even that which was previously ‘out of bounds’. I’ve kept some items of clothing from before and it’s really fun to put them on and they now fall off! And I can wear a fun dress from when I was 25 and my wedding dress from 26 years ago is loose and baggy.

Keri has helped me look at what goes on when I binge (and starve myself). We’ve uncovered some patterns and she has helped me re-programme my thoughts and feelings which leads to different results (weight loss!). 

Keri works with people in a truly holistic way. She has held the space while we’ve examined the breadth of my life, dealing with things in so many areas: money, sleep, exercise, business, relationships, etc.

She is amazing at gently spotting links between my behaviours in all these other areas of my life. She has never been critical or demanding even when I had a huge binge over Christmas (I regained 9lbs over 4 days). She was fabulously calming and consistent.  

Book your free mini session

Before we work together, I offer a FREE consultation. This is simply a 30-45 minute conversation to talk about what’s possible for your life, what’s holding you back, and how I might be able to help you achieve the results you desire most.

It’s free because I want to give you the opportunity to experience what it would be like to work with me as your coach and determine whether we’re a good fit for each other.

What others are saying…

Thank you for introducing me to this! I really feel like I will be able to maintain this weight loss.

Lisa (lost 6kg / 14lbs)

I can get into some of my older clothes and I feel more confident about the way I look. The group work was great,  it made what felt like a difficult task initially much more motivating. I also enjoyed finding my willpower!

Sally Anne (lost 15lbs / 6.8kg)

Thank you! I feel so much better in myself and more motivated to keep up the principles that will keep me from putting the weight back on.

Marie (lost 4kg / 8.5lbs)