Ready to end yoyo dieting for good?

It is possible and I will teach you how.

No more crazy restrictive diets. No more feeling crap about yourself whenever you ‘fall off the wagon’.

Take a step towards being the woman that feels peace in her body and around any food. 

You and I have both done the diet thing to death.

And it hasn’t worked.  

Yet we try to lose weight with diets again and again, believing there is some perfect weight loss programme out there we just haven’t found yet.

We lose weight and regain it, plus some. EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. TIME.

It leaves you feeling like more of a failure with each attempt. 

And at some point we give up, convinced we just can’t do it. That there’s something wrong with us or our body.

The thing is it’s not our fault.

We have been taught by the diet industry that restricting calories and exercising is how to lose weight.

No one taught us about our eating patterns. No one taught us about emotional eating.

There is another way.

This was me at my largest.

14 stone 7lbs / 92kg / 202lbs)

I was also practising as a professional naturopath and had studied nutrition.

That didn’t solve my life long yo-yo dieting problem.

Although my training helped me to eat healthy foods most of the time, I overate regularly.

I was convinced I just had a big appetite and loved food.

And, I supplemented this with chocolate binges whenever I felt tired, stressed, emotional or bored. Or pizza and wine on a Friday night to unwind after a busy week at work.

I didn’t know how to lose weight. I had tried over 25 different diets and weight loss regimes. I gave up for and figured it just wasn’t possible for me. My hormones and my age probably meant this was my lot.

Then a wedding with old friends motivated me to try again. And I figured it out for the last time.

I lost 3 stone 2lbs (20kg / 40lbs) and kept it off. I slimmed to a size 12 for the first time in my adult life.

Most importantly, I felt peace around food and in my body like I’d never experienced before. I was able to stop emotional eating and my body weight simply normalised.

As an Advanced Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, I now teach other women how to do the same. 

This is what I want for you too


  • To feel peace and calm around any food.
  • To know that you are in control, not the sugar.
  • To feel great in your body NOW at any size.
  • To slim to the size you want, without crazy diets.
  • To find the right eating plan that works for you, for life.
  • To end the struggle with yo-yo dieting for good.

Get started

I’ll teach you how to take your first steps to lose weight for the last time over the next 5 days.