Are you tired of restrictive diets?

Losing and regaining the same weight again and again. 

Having multiple sized clothes in your wardrobe ‘just in case’.

Feeling like a failure when you eat the foods you promised you’d quit.

Catching your reflection and feeling shame or even disgust at your body.

I’ve been there too.

Image of Keri Williams Life and Weight Loss Coach

I struggled with weight since I was 7

By the age of 12 I was attending Weight Watchers with my mum.

My yo-yo dieting journey lasted well into my 30s.

I tried over 25 different diets and weight loss methods in that time. None of them worked long term.

Becoming a professional naturopath and studying nutrition didn’t even work for me.

How about you? 

Reaching for the chocolate or biscuits when you’re tired or bored?

Grabbing a take away and a glass of wine or three after a long hard week? 

Eating all the bread, chips and chocolate in front of Netflix when you’re premenstrual?  After all, every woman needs chocolate when she’s feeling hormonal right?

Maybe you feel hopeless that these patterns can ever change.

You hate feeling out of control around sugar and carbs.

You may even wonder if it’s just what happens with age and our hormones.

But, you still wish you could shop in normal clothes shops and wear anything.

And that you wouldn’t feel judged for eating the wrong foods.

More than anything you don’t want to feel like the ‘fat’ woman everywhere you go.

Image of Keri Williams Life and Weight Loss Coach

I get it. 

I hated my body and tried to hide it with dark baggy clothes.

I felt like a failure losing and continually regaining even more weight each time.

I felt ashamed for being fat, especially after studying naturopathy and nutrition and working in a clinic to help other people with their health.

I felt depressed and disappointed in myself.

I had a wardrobe full of size 14, 16 and 18 clothes.

Then one day I realised I needed to shop for a new wedding outfit in a size 20.

The thought of seeing old friends at the wedding at my biggest size ever filled me with dread.

I felt fatigued and achey, and I never had much energy to do things.

I knew it was time to change.

Not just to feel better at the wedding, but for my future health.

Things finally changed…

It started with another diet: a very low calorie 6-week diet. I did this a few times… but it didn’t last.

My weight would start to creep up every time I stopped.

It finally dawned on me: the problem wasn’t what I was eating, it was the way I was eating it.

So I started to address my eating patterns…

  • the end of the week stress eating after a busy week
  • the 4pm boredom eating when I just needed a break from work
  • the regular chocolate binges when I felt emotional that made me feel physically sick
  • the ‘fuck it’ eats I’d do when I felt terrible for eating the wrong foods and failing myself yet again

Image of Keri Williams Life and Weight Loss Coach

The 1 thing that changed my life…

I committed to finding a way to stop the crazy diets for good.

To make small changes that would last a lifetime in a way that I enjoyed.

I lost 3 stone 2lbs (20kg/40lbs) one pound (half a kilo) at a time.

I started leaving a couple of bites on my plate at each meal.

I started a new yoga practice with just 5 minutes a day.

I journaled and explored why I was using food to feel better instead of feeling my feelings.

Every day I took a small step to become the woman that no longer yo-yo dieted.

It’s been 3 years since I lost the weight and kept it off.

I now help women do the same thing for themselves.

Now it’s your turn

You deserve to feel peace around food. You deserve to feel great in your body. You deserve freedom from diets.

Take the free course that has helped so many other women start the journey to permanent weight loss.