Do you believe it’s possible to lose weight for good?

Do you believe you can maintain your weight loss long term? No?

How can you make your goal a reality if you don’t believe it’s really possible?

Our thoughts are so powerful. After all, if you practice a thought enough times it becomes an ingrained belief that makes it seem like it’s part of our reality.

When I was a child I was told enough times by kids at school that I was fat. I believed it, and I also told myself that. I told myself that so many times over the decades that it became my reality: “I am fat”. That made me feel depressed and shitty. And what did I do when I felt depressed and shitty? Comfort ate chocolate. Guess what result that action produced: weight gain! 

I inadvertently reinforced my own belief “I am fat (see it’s true!)”. The real truth? My shitty thoughts about myself appeared to be a fact, made me feel depressed, which drove my action to comfort eat chocolate which produced the result of the weight gain. Further reinforcing the belief. This is why our beliefs are so important when losing weight for the last time, we need to practice new thoughts, that produce new actions, and ultimately new results enough times so they become beliefs that serve us.

In this episode we will discuss:
  • how to work out what beliefs you have that are driving your current actions
  • how to identify new thoughts that will produce different actions and results
  • how to practice this enough times so it becomes a new belief that’s simply part of your reality

What do you think?

I’d love to hear from you – what beliefs did you find from doing this exercise? What are your new thoughts? Leave a comment below and I’ll respond to you shortly.

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