6 weeks to drop a dress size

starts week of 8 March

with Rachele Summers & Keri Williams

Life & Weight Loss Coaches










Ready to lose the lockdown pounds without the fear of regaining it again?

Lose weight with our simple system that allows you to shift the lockdown pounds in the way that you want to live your life. This is not a short term fix or restrictive programme. We will teach you how to lose weight without counting calories or doing punishing exercise routines with our proven 6-week Reset Programme.

Have you heard the myths?

The diet industry has taught us…

  • it’s hard for women to lose weight once their hormones have changed
  • we need to do punishing restrictive diets to reduce our calorie intake and hardcore exercise regimes
  • we need to be more disciplined and use more will power to successfully lose weight

People will tell you to eat more plant based,  go paleo, do a water fast, get your thyroid checked or find out if you have food sensitivities.

But let me ask you…

Has this ever worked for you long term?

We have teamed up to introduce you to a new way to lose weight.


Image of Keri Williams Life and Weight Loss Coach

There are also some great side effects with this approach…

💚 Lose weight the way you want to live your life

Instead of temporarily restricting foods, counting calories and weighing portions, you’ll be losing your weight in a way that’s sustainable. We’ll teach you how to find the way of eating that matches your unique values, schedule and personal tastes. No strict and tasteless meal plans here!


We will teach you how to find the eating plan that tastes great and is easy for you to implement so you ditch those lockdown pounds.

🧠 Beat the cravings by reprogramming your brain

The diet industry has taught us that weight loss is all about food and exercise. With our approach you’ll understand why you get cravings in the first place and how to reprogramme your mind so you want these foods less and less – no more struggling when cravings hit.

Not sure it’s possible for you?

Hilary and Sally Anne thought that at the start.

I’ve got to my goal and stayed there – it’s amazing! I’ve been on so many diets and I’ve never even reached my goal, let alone maintained it. The thought work has made all of the difference – it’s not really about the food at all. It’s about why you’re eating the food, not what you are eating.


Lost 18lbs

I can get into some of my older clothes and I feel more confident about the way I look. The group work was great, it made what felt like a difficult task initially much more motivating. I also enjoyed finding my control over food.

Sally Anne

Lost 15lbs

Introducing The 6 Week Reset

Group Coaching Programme

Ditch the lockdown pounds and drop a dress size

Our step by step group coaching programme will help you confidently lose 10lbs and have fun whilst doing it.

We created this programme to help you lose the mental and physical weight of lockdown. 

This isn’t another diet. The diet industry has taught us to focus on calorie restriction and exercise but it’s so much more than that. 

We will teach you to reprogramme your brain and get your mindset right, so it’s easy to eat the foods that support your health goals

The end result?

👉 You losing 10lbs and dropping a dress size, so you can slip into that LBD again. 

👉 Feel confident, sexy and feminine in your new body. 

👉 Have an eating programme and tools to use for life to keep losing weight and maintain it, in a way that actually works for the long term.

What our previous clients have said…

Before working with Keri I was a super yo-yo dieter. I was really good at willpower dieting and losing weight, until I tripped up and then would think “there’s no point now, I’ve ruined it”. I’d then regain weight and over the years I’ve wavered between 16 stone (101kg) and 10 stone (63 kg). As of today, I’m 9 stone 9 lbs (61kg)!


Lost 3 stone 12 lbs

My biggest hesitation was that you would be like a dietitian that would ask me to write down everything I eat, and then ask me to send these to you and you would comment on them and judge them. I didn’t like that in the past.I’ve reached my target weight but more importantly I now manage my mind. Thank you so much again for everything. You have a great website and the trainings were amazing. I got so much more than I expected when I actually decided to sign up!


Thank you for introducing me to this! I really feel like I will be able to maintain this weight loss.


Lost 15lbs

In ten months I have lost 2 stone 2lbs (13.5kg). The medics have been telling me for years to lose weight. They gave me calorie counting to follow but that is not sustainable for me. I now understand why through the tools that Keri has given me. Working on my mind and emotions and recognising I was eating for comfort and to calm the gremlins, I now work on my worries and concerns and my eating has settled to a healthy norm. I don’t feel hungry, no need to snack and I follow a very healthy diet, even resurrecting my interest in cooking.


Here are a few things you’ll get in The 6 Week Reset


👉 Have an eating programme and tools to use for life to keep losing weight and maintain it, in a way that actually works for the long term.

👉 Receive coaching with two expert weight loss coaches guiding you along the way

👉 Share your journey with other women in the community and create connections for support and accountability

👉 Create your own personalised way of eating that is perfect for you and your weight loss goals

👉 Reprogramme your mind to beat the cravings and master weight loss

👉 Learn the power of tapping (EFT) to reduce your desire for foods and ease emotional over eating

Our bonus for you

We want to make sure you have everything you need to keep you on track to your weight loss goal, you’ll also get access to a special bonus…

📖 The 60 Day Planner: to guide you through the programme day by day.

Join the 6 Week Reset Programme


To celebrate Keri & Rachele teaming up to bring you this tried and tested programme we are offering a low early bird rate until 28 February.

What you’ll receive:

👉🏼 6 weeks group coaching (value £1000)

👉🏼 Ongoing access to the 6 Week Reset Training (value £497)

👉🏼 60 Day Planner (value £45)

Total value is over £1500, but for February only we are offering this for just £297!

(prices will increase to £397 from 1 March)


Will I receive private 1:1 coaching?

This is a group coaching programme, so you’ll receive coaching on the group calls and in the Facebook community between calls.

I have special dietary requirements, can I do this programme?

Absolutely! This programme is designed to help you figure out the perfect plan that aligns with your values, your tastes and any special dietary requirements you may have. We will support you to find the programme that helps you lose weight, create health and works for the way you want to live your life.

I have a busy schedule and worried I can't do the work involved. How much time do I need to commit to?

You’ll need 1.5 hours a week to participate in training and group Zoom calls. We also recommend taking time to plan daily using the planner for 10-20 minutes. 

What if I miss one of the group coaching Zoom calls?

Not to worry! All Zoom calls are recorded and you can watch the replay in your own time.

What makes this different from other weight loss programmes?

Most diets or weight loss programmes look at the calories in – calories out approach. We’ve been trying to keep the weight off this approach for years and most of us have found it hasn’t worked long term. We incorporate mindset work so that you change the way you think about food and how you handle your emotions so you reduce your food cravings without willpower and find the cravings reduce over time.