Creating a new mindset is key to creating the changes we want to see in our life.

We often have thoughts and beliefs that can hold us back and when we go to make a big change in our life (like losing weight and ending yo-yo dieting for good).

The act of setting the goal to make a change usually unearths ALL of the funky thoughts in our mind that holds us back and keeps us stuck in these patterns.

It’s a wonderful personal development opportunity, but it can feel pretty difficult to go through, especially when you really don’t believe it’s not possible.

I have great news for you: it is possible. And it may even be easier than you think.

Whether your limiting belief is around your ability to lose weight and keep it off, your body image or your ability to create the relationship or business of your dreams you can change your beliefs and create the changes in your life.

Our brains have simply thought the same thoughts for so long that they have become engrained neural pathways that have created habitual automatic thinking.

Once you’ve identified your limiting belief, you want to counter that with your new belief that feels believable. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • ‘I can’t lose weight’ becomes ‘it’s possible for me to lose weight’
  • ‘I can’t say no’ becomes ‘I’m learning how to say no’
  • ‘My body is fat and disgusting’ becomes ‘I have a body’

Once you’ve identified your new belief statement(s), you can use one or all of the following methods to start practicing this new way of thinking and start engraining these new neural pathways into your mind:

1) Set reminders on your phone

At the same time every day have the reminder pop up as a notification you need to click to close.

2) Write your beliefs everyday

Write down your beliefs every day in a journal. As you write them down, spend time considering how it feels and visualising what it is like when you have this new belief.

3) Create post-it note reminders

Write your belief on a post-it note and put it somewhere prominent in your house or car so you see it regularly and are reminded of the belief you’re building.

4) Listen to an audio of your beliefs

Use the ThinkUp app to record an audio where you’re reading out your new beliefs. Listen to this every day as a meditation or visualisation exercise.

5) Create passwords that remind you of your new way of thinking

Change your passwords to remind you of one of the key beliefs you’re building at the moment.

I’d love to hear what beliefs you’re currently working on – post them in the comments below!

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash