Sound familiar? You jump on the scales in the morning and see that you’ve gone UP, and your mind immediately freaks out with thoughts like “see, you can’t lose weight”, or “this will never work” or even “you’ve never lost weight before, and you cant’ now – why keep trying?”.

Maybe you know why: you may have eaten a bit more than you planned yesterday, or you had cake as part of your joy eat. Maybe your period is due.

Sometimes this even happens randomly when we’ve been completely on plan and haven’t eaten anything that should make us put on weight. 

In this podcast we discuss:

– what weight actually is
– the 4 factors that can cause water retention
– the normal meandering journey of weight loss
– how to change your thinking to stay on track and change the negative thoughts to thoughts that inspire positive action

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode: have you found anything that helps when your weight loss plateaus or fluctuates? Leave a comment below and I’ll reply to you shortly.


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