With the holidays approaching I hear from a lot of women that they are having mixed feelings and internal struggles. Despite perhaps looking forward to the festive season, time away from work and spending time with loved ones there’s a fear that we’ll go off the rails as soon as we are around all the food and drink. 

Many women have told me they are worried about waking up on 1 January regretting all the overeating, feeling like they need to do a crash diet or some kind of new years resolution yet again.

The thing is, many of us just believe it’s a done deal: it’s the holidays, we always over eat and we’ll need to lose yet more weight come 1 January. But what if things could be different for you this year?

In this podcast we discuss:

– why it goes wrong at this time of year

– how to plan for things to go differently

– how to manage the urge to eat extra over the holiday season

What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. The Life Beyond Dieting Community is where it’s all happening – if you haven’t already joined what are you waiting for? The link is below, I’d love to see you there and hear your thoughts all about this episode.

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