I had a powerful coaching session with a client last week. At the start of the session, she asked me: what’s the difference between losing weight though diet mentality vs the way you teach us? 

Priya* (not her real name) was feeling deflated. After having some great results in the first few months of our work together and losing over a stone, she found her weight fluctuating up and down recently while she tried to get a handle on a lot of social and family events with food there. She wanted to ‘get back on track’ but didn’t want to do a crash diet or restrict herself again.

The thought of restricting again made her feel resistant and she couldn’t understand why she felt so different in comparison to the start of her journey when it felt so much easier.

To answer her question, we took a look at her options. In this episode, we discuss what we found through her coaching session and the power of stepping into a new identity: the future version of yourself that no longer struggles with weight. After this coaching session, Priya dropped another 6lbs (3kg) and says she feels ‘back on track’. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What it’s like to lose weight with diet mentality (most of us are very familiar, and resistant to this for a good reason!)
  • How you can get clear on your future self: the version of yourself who has figured this out and no longer struggles with her weight
  • How to live into that version of yourself every day as a way to lose weight permanently
  • I’ll share some powerful coaching questions that will help you get clarity on the future version you’d love to live into

Have you found yourself feeling resistant to losing weight and going into diet mentality? I’d love to hear about your experience – post in the comments below.

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