Let’s talk about your brain’s role in weight loss. As I was updating my website here recently I found myself reflecting on how things have changed with the way I work with women and weight loss.

When I was focussed on working as a natural health practitioner to help balance hormones, the work had a much more physical approach: get the digestive system working well, balance the hormones, fuel the body with the right foods, exercise, manage stress… things should play out. For some women, this approach worked a treat. The ones that stumped me at the time were the women who struggled with their weight for years and often ate emotionally. Women like me.

Because of my own personal journey struggling with weight, it finally clicked: focussing on the food and exercise (diet mentality) just didn’t work for women like us. We needed to look at why we still crave foods like chocolate, crisps and bread – even though we know better, and may even do better most of the time.

In this podcast episode we talk about:

  • Why we are motivated to do anything in our life – the motivational triad
  • How that plays out with food and eating
  • How our brain is doing what it was designed to do, but needs supervision in our modern world full of easily accessed pleasure-giving foods like chocolate or sugar
  • How understanding all of this in itself is a powerful tool to quit the guilt, shame and self-blaming and have compassion that your brain and body are simply doing what they were designed to do

What did you get from this episode? Do you have any other thoughts on the brain’s role in weight loss? I’d love to hear them, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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