Sugar cravings can feel SO uncontrollable right? For many of us, sugar can be a very addictive substance which leaves us feeling powerless in the face of intense cravings.

I’ve been working with a client for the past few months who has had intense sugar cravings: biscuits, chocolates and sugary drinks have been her go-to. Not only was this creating even more hunger for her, but she was also eating alot of her emotions at work and just could not get to grips with what was going on in her body and brain.

In this episode you’ll hear about: 

– what happens in the body and brain when we eat sugar

– how sugar creates over desire and over hunger, and how these responses are part of our survival mechanism

– how eating our emotions is a very normal response to wanting to feel better

– the conditioned responses that are created over time

– and, finally the one tool to use today to start to decondition your desire and reduce your sugar cravings

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