I recently caught up with Alice Barnes, a Personal Stylist from ABC Image. I met Alice recently and we really hit it off, chatting all about body confidence, weight loss and body image. She and I hold many of the same values and beliefs.

If you’d like some insight from a Personal Stylist on how to make the most of your body, to love it as it is and to find ways to accentuate and draw focus to the areas you want to focus on then this episode is for you.

One of the things that I really took away from our chat was understanding how wrong my belief was that all the clothes in the shops are just made for size 8 model type bodies, and that’s why they always look good. Anyone can look great at any size.

Alice shares some wisdom on:

  • how to look good at any size
  • how to accentuate an apple shaped body’s assets
  • how to accentuate a pear shaped body’s assets
  • the role of mindset in looking and feeling good

Alice Barnes
Personal Stylist
ABC Image