When you’re losing weight and about to embark on a holiday it can bring up so many mixed emotions. For many of the women I work with, there is a feeling that they can’t trust themselves not to lose control around all of the food available while they are travelling. For others, there can be a worry that they are going to undo all of their good work, and put all the weight back on again plus more. 

It’s such a shame for these types of emotions to come up just before a holiday: a time when we should be excited, and ready for a rest or adventure – not worrying about food and our weight.

The truth is you can go on holiday and lose weight if you choose to. Or, maintain, or gain. It’s entirely up to you. Today I’m sharing the strategy I teach my clients to help them successfully navigate a holiday while still reaching their goal.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss:


  • using the highest part of your brain to plan and research your trip, so you aren’t reacting to tiredness, convenience or being unsure what to do while you’re away
  • how considering your obstacles and planning a strategy for them can help you navigate any challenges while you’re away
  • my worksheet I share with clients to help them plan their trip

The holiday planner

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