Have you ever found yourself eating when you promised THIS time you would stick to your diet?

Do you ever wonder why the hell you always sabotage your success?

These are questions I get from my clients all the time, and I used to wonder that about myself too – even only a few months ago in my weight loss journey.

The thing is our brains are designed to help us survive and part of that is about keeping us safe. If we believe deep down that there is a downside to being our natural body size our brain is going to subconsciously stop us from getting to that goal.

This showed up for me recently with a very sneaky belief that if I lose more weight I’ll just be conforming to society’s sexist ideal that women should be a certain body shape. I’ve heard other beliefs like “I’ll be boring and people won’t want to hang out with me”, “I’ll be unfaithful if I’m attractive” or even “I can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe”.

Could you have one of these sneaky limiting beliefs lurking in your subconscious mind?

On this episode we discuss some of the beliefs I’ve heard and I give a little exercise to help you discover any of your blockers to losing weight for the last time.

What did you think? I’d love to hear your comments or thoughts if this comes up for you too. You can get in touch with me on facebook.com/keridwilliams¬†