Hating yourself thin…. has that really ever worked for anyone in the long term? 

Punishing ourselves with restrictive diets, feeling shame and guilt after eating foods we have deemed “bad”, making strict rules to live by because we are apparently “so out of control”. I’ve noticed these types of behaviours in so many women I’ve worked with, and myself.

The thing is hating ourselves thin doesn’t really last. If you’re like me you’ve probably had an experience or two of punishing yourself to lose weight and exercising steely conviction that you’ll get to that goal no matter what. But when we get to our goal and we still feel crap about ourselves it often leads to behaviour on the other extreme end of the spectrum.

After restricting and punishing ourselves for so long so many women seem to go to the other extreme of giving it all up. They decide to eat anything, to eat intuitively, to avoid the scale because it makes them feel crap. To let their body “have what it needs” which is often really led by old compulsive eating or emotional eating habits.

It seems like a very sensible approach: stop beating yourself up and be kind to yourself – throw out all the strict rules. But is it really kind to not pay any attention to where you’re at with your health? To no pay attention to whether your body is getting enough fuel food for nourishment? To continue to eat our emotions?

In this podcast we talk about:

  • my story of restriction and complete avoidance of my food and weight issues
  • how restricting and punishing ourselves may be coming from a place of self-hate or loathing
  • how not paying attention is just another expression of the same self-hate and loathing
  • a better way to lose weight: through acceptance, tolerance, contentment and even love for ourselves and our bodies

I hope you enjoy this episode! I’d love to hear your comments or thoughts – post them in the comments section below.