The weight loss journey can be a roller coaster at times: sometimes you’re elated that you’re succeeding, while other times you are beating yourself up for not following your plan. 

These are the times to draw upon your clear vision of the Future You, and the big important why that is driving you towards that goal. In this episode we discuss finding your big why when it comes to weight loss, what the future version of you looks like and acts like so you can begin to channel her wisdom and ‘fake it til’ you make it’ now. 

We’ll also discuss how to discover some limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your success, and how to map out some of the predicted bumps in the road so you can forward plan strategies to deal with these.

I hope you find this helpful! If you want to try this exercise out for yourself, hop on over to my website to download the journalling exercise I discuss in this podcast. I’d love to hear what comes up for you, don’t forget to post in the comments section of the podcast!