On today’s episode I welcomed a very special guest: Glyniss Trinder, a Transformational Mindset Mentor and RTT Therapist who helps people break through limiting beliefs to create a life of their dreams.

I was inspired to invite Glyniss on to the podcast after working on vision boards in our Ditch the Diet Group Programme.

We have been working on creating a vision board that will remind us of the future self we are stepping towards on our weight loss journey.

Vision boards can be a powerful tool to inspire the feelings and solidify the vision of the future self you are creating. I recently found my vision board from 2013 and everything on there had been created in my life! 

In this episode you’ll hear about:

– The power of vision boards to bring your dreams into reality and go beyond limiting beliefs

– How the vision board can inspire you to act as the person you’re working towards – bringing the habits and the practices into the now

– Some tips on how to create a vision board

What did you think? Have you worked with a vision board before? I’d love to hear you experience, post a comment below!

Today’s guest: Glyniss Trinder, Transformational Mindset Mentor