I was surprised in a group event I attended online recently when people asked me if I help people lose weight with shakes, diet plans or an exercise regime. 

It reminded me that there are SO many types of weight loss services and coaching out there offering different approaches to weight loss. And, it also reminded me that THIS approach, actually working on our life while healing our relationship with food is so different from the usual diet and exercise programme. So, I felt inspired to record this podcast today.

In this episode I go deeper into life and weight loss coaching, and I discuss:

  • What it’s not: diet plans and shakes, accountability coaching on the action line or short term changes expecting long term results. 
  • It is: about managing your mind and finding the right protocol you thrive on while creating and stepping into the new you: the version of yourself who is in her natural body size and maintains her weight easily.

What has your experience of weight loss services or coaching before? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post a reply in the comments below.

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