Could your weight be a symptom of something else going on in your life?
  • Do you eat for stress relief?
  • Do you eat to substitute the sensation of a warm hug?
  • Do you eat to ease worry and anxiety?

I’ve been reflecting on my own journey recently and really connecting the dots between transformations in my personal life and my weight loss success, and how this has also showed up in my clients’ weight loss journeys.

When things in your life aren’t working and you find yourself stress or comfort eating to ease loneliness, anxiety, worry or sadness the foods you’ve allowed yourself on your diet just don’t seem appealing.

Why would you want to eat your salad when you’re terrified you may not be able to pay the rent this month? Why would you reach for an apple when you realise you’re not in the relationship with the person you thought you’d marry and you keep arguing? These are some personal examples of mine, I’m sure there are many that you can come up with too.

When we focus solely on food and exercise these things are hard to stick to if our usual pattern of behaviour for stress relief or comfort is reach for chocolate or nibbling on crackers.

This week on the podcast we are discussing:

  • How other life areas can cause us to stress or comfort eat 
  • How the narrow focus on food and exercise doesn’t work in times of stress and upset in other areas
  • I’m sharing my transformational journey since 2012 through coaching to pay off my debt and heal my relationship with money, transform my beliefs around relationships to get out and meet my fiancee and how I transitioned away from a job that I felt uninspired and stuck in
  • I share how using the life wheel exercise can help to create awareness around the impact of these other areas, so we can start to heal what’s not working and stop using food for stress relief or comfort.

I hope you enjoy this episode! I’d love to hear your comments below.

Life wheel workbook

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