I’ve been reflecting on my weight loss journey recently and became aware of a few really common and persistent limiting beliefs about losing weight that just didn’t serve me. Over more than 3 decades I yo-yo dieted and I couldn’t understand why other people could be successful with diets but I couldn’t. Over time I figured there must have been something wrong with me: a thyroid problem, another medical condition or maybe there was some truth in belief that weight gain is inevitable with age as your hormones change. 

When I started losing weight again and it actually started working I was shocked and it really rocked my world in terms of the beliefs I had created that felt so true. After 1 successful 6 week programme I lost 5-6kg (10-12lbs) and suddenly I realised what I had been thinking wasn’t true. I could lose weight – I had the proof.

I’ve realised over time that I had 3 persistent and insidious limiting beliefs that challenged me all through my weight loss journey (and still do sometimes!)

– “I can’t lose weight”
– “Weight loss is hard”
– “I won’t be able to keep it off even if I do get to my goal weight”

Now that I’m a weight loss coach these are also the 3 beliefs I see most commonly with my clients. The think-feel-act cycle teaches us that our actions and behaviours come from our emotions and thoughts. If we are thinking and believing these thoughts, we are failing ahead of time. We can’t take continued successful action if we don’t really believe its’ going to work, and it’s going to be hard, and we won’t maintain our goal weight anyway.

This week on the podcast we are focussing on:


  • What I learned about beliefs from my 30+ years of yo yo dieting
  • How our limiting beliefs about weight loss make us fail before we have even started
  • The 3 most common beliefs I’ve seen in my coaching practice around weight loss: I can’t lose weight, weight loss is hard and I won’t maintain my weight loss even if I do lose weight
  • 3 new thoughts to practice to create new beliefs: weight loss can be easy, weight loss can be fun, I can easily maintain my natural body weight
  • How to create new beliefs through journalling: ask yourself how it could be easy for you? how could it be fun? how could you learn to maintain your natural body weight?

I hope you enjoy this episode! I’d love to hear your comments below.


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